purpose & philosophy

There are five major pillars that govern everything we do.

Warm & Spiritual atmosphere

It is our desire to provide a warm spiritual atmosphere for our student body, and provide an environment where Christian young people, along with their fellow classmates, can learn and internalize a Biblical worldview.  

academic excellence

Second, Bethel Christian School strives for academic excellence in preparation for life. BCS believes in a traditional educational methodology that emphasizes the basics in building an academic foundation. Students are challenged to work independently and to think for themselves as they build convictions that will stand under the pressures of our culture. Students have consistently scored above the national norms as indicated by standardized testing.

emphasis on the fine arts

Third, BCS places a strong emphasizes on the arts. We want our young people to hone their skills in speech and music for God's glory. The school is involved in regional, state, and national competitions in music, speech, academic testing, science projects, and art. BCS has placed in the top three at the nationals in instrumental competitions for the past several years.

Loving and consistent discipline

Fourth, BCS is committed to developing character in young people through consistent and loving discipline. All rules and polices are established on the basis of Biblical conviction in order for the school to function in a orderly manner. Any breach of these guidelines will be dealt with lovingly, but firmly, and we believe the good character will be the result. 

Interscholastic athletic program

Fifth, it is our desire to maintain an athletic program that will honor God. Students are expected to exhibit proper attitudes and maintain the required academic standards to participate.