Give us a call and learn about one of the finest Christian schools in Hampton
Roads. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1
 Download the preliminary school packet that consists of a letter of
introduction, our Articles of Faith,
and a tuition schedule for 2018-19.

Step 2 if you wish to receive an application packet, please contact the
school office at (757) 826-7711 or e-mail your request 
to to
schedule an interview with
Robert Brinkley, our school principal. 

Step 3 After the interview, you will be asked to complete the forms included in the application packet.

Acceptance of students is made on an individual basis and is contingent upon a satisfactory interview with the school principal and signing all appropriate forms.

Test scores and/or admission testing will be considered in the acceptance phase.

We require that students in grades 7-12 give a clear testimony of salvation
in Christ. In addition, one of the parents must have done the same.
The parent(s) and children must attend a church that believes the major tenets of
our Articles of Faith
  • Five-year-old kindergarten students must turn five by September 30.
  • Home school students who wish to take classes at BCS must go through the same admission procedures and pay the required fees.
  • Re-enrollment will take place in February of each year. Students will be enrolled if they meet our academic, conduct, and spiritual requirements and if all forms and
    fees are returned and paid. Bethel Christian School does not discriminate on the
    basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational
    policies, admissions, or programs.

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